Creatives For Christ

In the beginning, God created. This group is geared for those who like arts and crafts, and also want to grow in the Word of God. Creatives for Christ meets the first Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM starting on June 3rd. Plan to meet in the children’s area in the back of the church. Forms are available in the foyer for anyone interested in signing up. Please bring your Bible and snacks. Email for more details or speak with Rusty Parenteau.

Life Recovery

Life Recovery is a Christ-Centered 12-Step Program focusing on helping each other overcome a wide variety of addictions and is starting up weekly meetings at the facility on Lebanon Rd. If you struggle with substance abuse such as alcoholism or drug addiction, or process addictions such as overeating or pornography, these meetings can help you. If you attend another 12-step program, you are welcome to add Life Recovery to your list of meetings. even if you've already been in recovery for a long time, they can use your experience, strength, and hope to make the meetings even better. Meetings are Monday through Friday at 7 PM and last about an hour.  For more information, please click the picture.

Has God been working on your heart to start a new ministry?

If you are interested in starting a new ministry, reach out to Pastor Russ to discuss the ministry opportunity. You can also email him at with the details of the ministry.


Planning for the fall is starting up soon, so please feel free to reach out.