Families/Individuals with No Young Children

Families/Individuals with no young children, please follow this devotional by Kelly Fairbanks:

Ephesians 4: 17-24

In the summer that I graduated high school, I went on a camping trip to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. I had never gone camping like this before. We slept in sleeping bags under the stars, ate whatever we could carry in our backpacks, used trees as restrooms, and we even went spelunking in a very dirty dark cave. We did this for 1 week. When we returned to campus, we ate pizza and pizza never tasted so good. We also got to shower- which we never got to do all week. That shower felt amazing! I felt like I was washing off the world and all my cares and fears that I had experienced that whole week. I felt like a new person after that shower and meal, like I was stronger for what I went through. I started as a new high school grad and ended out a changed woman ready for whatever college brought my way. I was a new woman. By the way, I would never do that again!

Just like I became a new woman that day after I showered, in our Scripture for today, Paul is telling the Ephesian Christians to shed off their old self. The Ephesian Christians were Christians, but they still took part in the evil desires of that their local non- Christian people. Sensuality, greed, impurity, deceit where all mentioned here as something the Christian Ephesians needed to “shed off”. What does this look like for the Church today? What is something that Paul may say we are partaking in that is sensual? What are we doing that is greedy? Or impure? What about deceitful? These may something very small or very big in our eyes but to God they are all the same- not want He wants for our church. See, in order to be THE TRUE CHURCH we cannot be participating in any of these indulgences be cause they are about self. The Church is about ONE body working together.


Would I listen to someone like Paul who pointed out an impure way in which I was behaving?

Is there anything Lord, that I need to “shed off”?


Thank you for giving me the map and game plan for a right way with You. Help me to be a part of the Church body as a pure part as I know this will ensure the body working at its optimal capacity. I want that for this community and for the world. God, use me as an instrument of your love and mercy to those around me. Let me be an asset to the Church body. I love you Lord! AMEN.

Kelly Fairbanks