Families/Individuals with No Young Children

Families/Individuals with no young children, please follow this devotional by Becky Huerta:

Satan comes to destroy. In doing so, he also seeks to divide people and especially the church.

Our war is not with each other. Our war is in the spiritual world that surrounds us.

What are ways you have seen that Satan had the victory (I don’t like that word to claim for him but just for our thought’s sake)? Has he divided the church over something trivial? I remember a story of the division of a church over the color of a church rug. Something so insignificant in God’s design for using us, yet it was used to cause division among His people and caused a split in the church. WHY? Why would a people that call themselves Christian, allow Satan the victory by using US and our tongues?

We are most definitely in a time of needing to be Jesus to so many people. I was once told that Satan only goes after those that are being used. Are you trying to be the light of Jesus to the world around us? Then Ephesians 6 gives us instruction on how to win the good fight.

Read Ephesians 6

You may not think about it however the first 9 verses give us instruction on how to improve our life.  The first 3 verses tell us to honor our father and mother. What does that mean for you? For me, I try to honor their teachings and their example to me. They gave of themselves to so many. My dad served in so many ministries, including the Gideons. My mom took in over 80 foster children. Our home was always open to others. I, in turn, have given every home I have owned to the Lord. It is His to be used for whatever opportunity arises.

The next portion of the scriptures talks about slaves and masters. My dad taught me to give 100% to work and to respect my boss. In the same way God said for slaves to respect our earthly masters.

There is one element that can get lost in both of those sections – DON’T EXASPERATE! What does that word mean to us? From the dictionary – it means to intensely irritate or frustrate. I’m going to leave that thought right there. Is this something you need to rethink in your relationships – children or employees?

Now for the most important part of our Christian lives…

Put on the armor of God! Why?

1 Cor 2:9, Rom 5:12-18, I Cor 15:20-22, Col 2:11-12

There is hope. This world is not the end. It is the beginning and our choice on our own eternity.

Spiritual Warfare is real. It is battled all around us. It is nothing to be afraid of but to give us hope. Christ gives us the tools to win.

Read Eph 6:10-20, 2 Cor 10:1-6 (notice vs 4-5).

According to Paul, arguments against the gospel, failures of biblical morality and lines of unbiblical thinking are not merely the skewed actions and beliefs of humans. These issues (including the carpet argument) come from an enemy that influences and uses people.

Believers should NEVER despair. Spiritual disciplines are commanded by God and outlined in Ephesians chapter 6. The end goal is to make every thought captive to Christ.