Families/Individuals with No Young Children

Families/Individuals with no young children, please follow this devotional by Becky Huerta:

Love – the message of Jesus. Only love could convince a man to give his life for a friend. Jesus came down in the form of man to give His life for ALL. They may not love HIM, but His love is there regardless.

What would cause a man to lay down his life for anyone?

Let us go back to the beginning. Genesis. Ours’ and Adam’s.

In the beginning, God created. Creation - created to be His glory. Sin contaminated God’s created world but it will not thwart the purpose for creation. His mission has not changed. He is still intent on filling the earth with His glory. The Bible tells the history of how God continued to provide and teach His people. The Old Testament is full of the prophecy of Christ and how one day the Lamb of God would love so much that He would lay down His life once for all. We all know the well quoted verse from the New Testament - John 3:16. Recite it and reflect on God’s love.

He does not say there are conditions to receiving His love. We are allowed to accept His love AND HIS forgiveness no matter our sinful condition.


1 John 3:11-18 is all about the love that is talked about all through the Bible and the letters of John.

Now we can know those that we belong to Him. 1 John 3:14 – “we know that we have passed death to life, because we love each other.”

Take a moment to reflect on the love of our church family. Our church has a broad range of people. We have people of a broad range of ages, many races, and many more personalities. ALL there for a purpose - To love each other. I love the way we come together to help each other when in need. And in turn – how he has brought some to minister to those in need in the community – via clothing drives, food for the help center or, even now, feeding the community.

We may all be different, but we all are here to fulfill His purpose and glorify God through His love.

We are now instructed to BE LOVE to all. We are to continue this ministry until the day when sin will be no more, and death gone forever!

Take the time to bask in His love and forgiveness. Ask God what His plan is for you in the church. How will you be used to show His love as He commanded? We are not commanded to be the same. We are, however, all commanded to love.