Families/Individuals with no Young Children

Families/Individuals with no young children, please follow this devotional by Becky Huerta:

Ephesians 3:14-21

Questions to ponder

When you think of the future for your children, grandchildren, friends, etc?

Have you ever felt unloved? Have you ever pondered your worth?

Have you ever felt abandoned?

Ephesians 3 has a wonderful message and reminder for us. Paul has written a message that he desired for all Christians to understand.

We cannot find love, completeness, fulfillment in the pleasures of this world. It is impossible. Satan uses so many forms to distract us to what can truly give our heart’s fulfillment. Think about it. What has happened to you today – this past week – that would take your mind off God and cause you to look at something else for pleasure? Did you buy something you really did not need but, in your mind, thought, “I must have this!”? How long does the pleasure last? Until the next thing comes up?

God had given us the innate desire to long for a completeness that can only be found in Him. All you are seeking for can be found in God. Afterall, He created us. He seeks our companionship. He did not call us to be perfect. He called us to love and to BE LOVED.

Now reread the passage and focus on the love of God and all the descriptions of God’s fullness.

Did you notice Paul’s use of the following words…?

“glorious riches”

“rooted and established in love”

“wide and long and high and deep”

“knowledge and fullness”


Christ loves us as we are. Are we perfect? No. Never will be here on earth. Do we need to make changes? That will come from God as you continue to seek him and follow His scriptures.

The basis of all is love – reread Eph 3:17-19. Rooted in love and then the rest will follow.

God’s love surpasses our love and understanding. Romans 8:38-39 – Nothing and NO ONE can separate us from the love of God.

Take the time to find a quiet place. Look at HIS creation – bask in His love of the beauty of the world – His mountains, His trees, His skies. Take a breath. Close your eyes and feel His love seep through you as you allow Him to love you and THROUGH you.