Sunday Morning protocols

1. We offer an 8:15am mask only service.  The service should last about 40 minutes and then we will provide a few minutes for everyone to exit to your cars before opening the church to Christian Education teachers and attendees who should be able to come in at around 9:15am.  We will have a sign on the front door notifying that this service is in session and remove it once it is completed.

2. Christian Education will begin at 9:30am

-PreK-2nd Grade (Room 112)
-3rd-5th Grade (Room 111)
Teens (Room 104)
Friends of Jesus (Room 105 & class is still offered on Zoom): Lead Teacher: Rev. Ron Ray
Men’s Class (Room 107): Lead Teacher – Gary Herndon
Women’s Class (Room 108) Lead Teacher - Betty Stuckey - Interim Moderator - Judith Baker

3. 10:30am Morning Worship Service (no mask required) is at the church and will be online at

     Nursery care provided. Children's church provided.

4. 5pm – Southern Sunday Nights (Continuing in Genesis) and Childcare (1 hour)
    6pm – Teens devotional and open gym (Current calendar has this occurring the 2nd and 4th Sundays each month)