Life Recovery

Life Recovery is an organization that is dedicated to community development through several programs, with addiction abatement/rehabilitation being one of them. Almost every family in the community is affected by the terrible blight of some type of addiction. The schools are full of drug activity. Businesses struggle to find employees who are “clean.”  Individuals are losing family members and dear friends. My heart is greatly distressed by what I see taking place.

Our undertaking in this area is very large and exceeds our ability if left to our own

resources. We are therefore seeking the help of many, working together, to accomplish what would otherwise be impossible.

Success requires participation from civic organizations, businesses, government, schools, churches, youth organizations, and individuals. Areas of involvement include volunteering, giving financially, and helping to publicize the programs, etc. We must pull together to make a real difference in recovery from addictions. Let’s create a public atmosphere in which addictions will be the most “un-cool” thing in which to be.

May God bless all of us as we work to see individuals become free of the awful plague of addiction!

William A. (Bill) Jackson

Executive Director


The Life Recovery program exists to assist those who are struggling with addictions in obtaining true freedom and deliverance.


The SKILL Program is a six-month or one-year, NON-LIVE-IN rehabilitation program for those struggling with various addictions (including but not limited to drugs, alcohol, pornography, and gambling). We believe that a person with an addiction must be restored in mind, heart, and body to be truly free from addictions.

The SKILL Program offers addiction classes to restore the mind, Biblical classes to restore the heart, and physical exercise to restore the body. Each one also receives one-on-one mentoring from a local

compassionate mentor.