Additional Information


In an effort to maintain as much efficiency as possible, we will be changing how we do level 1 games. (This would be our K4-K5 group).  This year instead of having a practice, and then playing a game on Saturday, our level 1 group will have a 30 minute practice and then play a 30 minute game afterwards. This will hopefully allow coaches to focus more on the fundamentals and then allow our children to apply them that day. This will also help with scheduling on Saturdays for out Level 2-4 groups. There will be 4 teams in our level 1 group, in which 2 teams will practice on Mondays, and the other 2 groups will practice on Tuesdays. Since this is the case, your children will play the same team every week. My hope in doing it this way is to ensure that we are focusing on the fundamentals and being Christ Centered, not on winning or the competition.


Unfortunately, some children may have to be waitlisted due to exceeding the maximum number in a specific division or the program as a whole.  In the case that your child is one of these children, we will notify you if an opening arises within the following guidelines:

  • In the event that your child is taken off the waitlist, we will attempt to contact you through email and/or phone call if available.  You will have 24 hours to respond before the spot will go to the next available child. (Feel free to still reach out to the program director after the 24 hours because your spot may still be open.)
  • You will be responsible for paying the cost of the uniform/equipment that comes with the program and the prorated amount to finish the season.
  • Uniforms take 3-7 days to come in from the time we order them, so your child may have to play a game in regular shorts and T-shirts depending on when your child starts. 
  • After February 13th, the waitlist will be void and no longer eligible for this season, but all are welcome back next year.
  • If your child is on the waitlist, we can make a note if they would like to act as a game day substitute.  In the event that players can't make it to a game, we would contact you to see if your child wants to play.  In this circumstance, this is a courtesy to us and you will not be charged for filling in a specific week.


This program runs on volunteers, which means we need you! All coaches, assistant coaches, scorekeepers, and referees are volunteers.  Many people that volunteer for these roles are parents of the children that are in the program.  You don't have to be an expert in any of the areas, but willing to follow these guidelines:

  1. All coaches and referees are to be background checked through the church. Those that were previously involved may or may not have to be checked again.
  2. Willing to refrain from vulgar language or inappropriate behavior.
  3. Participate in the provided trainings.
  4. Ability to commit to program guidelines

Refund Policy

Families are eligible for a full refund if they withdraw on or before November 20, 2020.  After the November 20th date, families will be charged $70 to withdraw from the program due to the cost of processing, equipment, gear, and merchandise. The deadline for any refund is January 9, 2021.  Exceptions to this rule are as follows:

  1.   For foster children within the program returning to a parent, we will extend to deadline for refunds to February 13, 2021, and costs for uniforms and weeks in the program will be prorated accordingly. ( Proof of foster care may apply.)
  2.   In the event that Covid-19 mandates cause temporary holds or cancellations of the program, then the refund policy will be determined at that time.  This also applies in the event of any natural disaster or wide spread illness.
  3.   If there are other extenuating circumstances, please reach out to the program director.

General Guidelines

These guidelines are applicable to all including, but not limited to coaches, participants, referees, parents, and other spectators:
  • Everyone must nurture a positive environment and Christlike attitude.
  • Coaches, parents, and participants must refrain from yelling at or putting down referees. Keep in mind that most of them are volunteers and not trained professionals.
  • Feel free to encourage players, but refrain from screaming negativity towards coaches, players, scorekeepers, or referees.  We understand that the player might be your child, but even statements directed at your child can impact other players. This also means that encouragement of one player should not put down or insult another person.
  • This is a faith based program, so regardless of personal beliefs, everyone is to refrain from discouraging others from following Christ. If there is concern about the teachings, please reach out to the program director or their assistant.
  • Rules are modified based on each level, the program, and location. Please refer to the director of scoreboard table for rule clarification.  Other school programs, community programs or even Upward programs may look and run differently. 
  • We appreciate feedback about the program, but all concerns should be directed to the program director or assistant.
  • Parents or spectators should never confront the referees or opposite teams, coach, or players about game play. If there is an issue on the court due to excessive body contact, inappropriate language, or hostility, then you should find the director or the assistant immediately.  If it is something emergent and one of these representatives is not available, then please  pull your coach aside so that they can speak to the referees in a respectful manner.
  • This is by no means an exhaustive list, but gives an indication of the many guidelines taking place.
In the event that these guidelines are not followed, you and/or your child may be suspended from the game or the season based on the severity of the infraction. In this event, a refund would not be owed back to the participants.  You and/or your child may be asked to leave the premises and failure to comply could result in the Mt Juliet Police Department being called.