The loft youth news

Wednesday Evening 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Meet upstairs for a time of worship, lesson, and activity.

Pizza provided. 

Please use the backdoor that leads straight up to youth room. Sign will be posted on door.


    This is a time where we are able to reflect where our seniors in the youth have been and where they are headed. On this Sunday we will doing together to celebrate Addie, Bayle, and Nathan as they prepare for their next chapter of their lives.

  • Senior Trip 6/17-20

    Senior's will have the opportunity to have a fun trip down in Florida. The location is to be determined, but may be leaning towards Saint Augustine.

  • YOUTH CAMP 6/28-7/2

    Camp is a great time to meet new people in the district, have fun, and most importantly worshiping God. The cost per student is $170. Forms will be available under the forms tab as soon.

  • Kings Island trip 7/11-12

    Each year we go to a theme park to hang out and bond over heart rushing roller coaster. From the time we enter the van to the time we return, we are connecting with each other. The cost will be $85 per student.


    This retreat will be a great time for all youth as we step away from our electronics and grow within Christ. Youth can look forward to laser tag in the woods and ziplining, while still coming together to worship God and learning about his will. The cost will be $130 per student!